Qalculator is a versatile tool for media professionals. Qalculator offers a variety of different calculation tools and utilities.

This includes:

- Lighting Beam Calculator
- Projection Tools
- Camera Tools
- Audio Tools
- Tap BPM
- Displaysize
- Dip Switches
- Bandwidth Calculation 

Ever wanted to know how wide a 103" Screen is? Qalculator delivers the solution at your fingertip.

How big will my projected image be if I use a Lens Factor of 1,5:1 and have my projector at 12,5m distance from the screen? Qalculator will help!

Want to know which focal length you need to get a close up shot? Qalculator assists you.


  • Dip Switches
  • Display Size
  • Audio Tools
  • Projection Tools
  • Revealed Menu
  • Lighting Beam Calculator
  • Revealed Settings


  • Display Size
  • Camera Tools
  • Revealed Settings
  • Audio Tools
  • Revealed Menu

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